Personal Massage Chair Model A17

Model A17

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Massage chair @ Home

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We offer you the ancient technique of a Japanese massage, a unique full body massage chair for rental.

A regular massage has been proven to reduce swellings; facilitate, weight loss, lower blood pressure, increase blood circulation, and help the immune system

The chair uses a pressure-release formation to soothe away muscle tension in the back, shoulders, neck, feet, arms, and legs

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    Additional Requirements

    Fitted with wheel at back for easier moving and adjustable

    Recline protection Yes
    Full back massage Yes
    Power reclining backrest Yes
    Calf airbags Yes
    Massage rollers 3D
    Calf massage Yes
    Remote control Yes
    Rated duration of operation 20m
    Rated power 150W
    Floor space 70 x 95cm
    Rated voltage 220 – 230V