Corporate Hire Chairs

Looking to hire a massage chair?

If your company is interested in hiring massage chairs for the purpose of compliment, wellbeing and exhibition events, look no further. We can recommend our high-quality massage chairs for these events. These relaxing massage chairs are available to hire from £60 per day for short term rentals. It includes full Public Liability Insurance cover of £6m, free services and maintenance as well

Wellbeing – Massage Chair Hire

Increase energy, productivity and creativity.
Reduces stress and tension, which increase sense of well-being.
Relieves muscle tension headaches and back pains.
Relieves tension in neck, shoulders and back.

Kindly select any model from our range of massage chairs for your event. We can supply massage chairs for office wellbeing event. These relaxing massage chairs are available to hire any day and any time. prices are as little as £60 per day for short term rentals and £200 per month for longer.

Exhibitions – Massage Chair Hire

We have supplied our high-quality massage chairs to many exhibitions, and we can do the same for you. We can supply these relaxing massage chairs to your exhibition stand and exhibitor’s rest areas.

For quotation, please call 0203 375 6689 or complete form below.