MODEL A26 – £2150

The product is fitted up one set of vertically movable, quad-roller, and soundproof designed mechanical massage hands; it provides four artificial massage functions of Shiatsu, kneading, flapping, and kneading flapping synchronous. Blue light LCD control shows all the massage functions, action modes, lasting time, massage speed, intensity, width of the massage hands, massage position and so on. The back light will last one minute after stop of the massage.

Manual and automatic control mode for the upper body

Under the automatic mode, it offers multi-functional automatic massage method. It has three combination massage options of the whole body, the shoulder and the neck, the back and the waist.
Under the manual mode, it manually offers three options of appointed massages in different region of the whole body, shoulder and neck, back and waist; the position of massage hand is adjustable upward and downward imperceptibly. Each massage function has five-level speed options; the width between the two massage hands is three adjustable levels of wide, medium and narrow, when it is doing the massage of flapping, shiatsu and knocking.

The seat cushion is mounted with three air bags; the calf rest is mounted with eight air bags; four air-massages combination; five levels intensity and together with calf traction function.
The calf rest is power-lifted and reclined separately and combined power-lifted and reclined link with the backrest.
It automatically scans your shoulder upward and downward to determine the position after the massage starts. And the massage hands will repost automatically after it stops.
The sofa is completely humanistic designed, comfortable, rich and classical looking.

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