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About Us

B-revived is an innovation company whose aim is to provide and service its clients with the latest state of Art massage chairs. Our vision is to be the very best at what we do, and we feel the potential for growth in partnerships with our clients will facilitate that. We make no claim to being world leaders or anything of that sort, but our innovative and dynamic attitude plus a can-do spirit certainly makes us a force in our own right. The potential benefits are limitless.

B-revived specialises in vending massage chairs which can be found in many retail establishments across the country. Some of the most ideal locations for vending massage chairs are Shopping Centres, Cinemas, Sports Centres, Airports, Hotels and Restaurants.

We also supply remote control massage chairs to business for staff well-being purposes. We supply these chairs to companies for the purpose of team compliment, events or well-being.

Services and maintenance will be provided without any extra cost. These massage chairs are also available to hire for exhibition and events.

Our crafted massage chairs give you the convenience of a personalised massage at your fingertips.

Feel vibrant, alive and energetic and see what our massage chairs can do for you!